About Us

Hello. My name is David J Salmon. I welcome you on my site dedicated to all kinds of writing. We are comparatively young company but our ambitions are extremely big. Our motivation is strong and our accomplishments are already proving this point. Though you may not heard of us a lot as a group, each member of David J Salmon Team is well-established in the field of academic writing.
To confirm this bold statement I will tell you how it all started.

Ten years ago, year when I was about to graduate from University I was facing a problem. It was not related to my education, mostly to my future career. The thing is, when you dedicate all your time to reading, researching subjects, and writing assignment papers you forget what stands behind all this.

Basically it’s where are you going to work, and will you like it or not. So when I got my diploma I wasn’t really that happy as the majority of other students, the feeling of uncertainty was literally killing me slowly. And then, at once, it all clicked! The only useful skill I had was writing good essays, term papers, and especially business writing papers. Few interviews later, and I got my first job – writing cover letters, Cvs, resumes.

You can already predict what happened later. Today our company provides tens of different paper writing services and as before, we are mostly proud of our business writing department. As we are now located in England, and the majority of our writers are UK natives British charm and style affected our work. It’s not new to us when our customers compliment our so to say “English punctuality” in paper delivery when they write feedbacks. The moment I write this welcoming message our writing company is on a 1229 orders delivered in time streak. We take this really seriously. The next part of the paper writing process we treat with respect is the quality of the product we are giving. We are not sending the paper if we not fully sure that it’s 100% original. And last but not least is our personal approach to each customer who visits our site davidjsalmon.co.uk. We believe that every person that needs a paper must be heard and treated as our first visitor ever. Efforts and time in training our support team that we put always pay-off as over 42% of our customers return to the site. We believe that sharing is caring, that’s we are gathering best articles on our blog.

That last thing I wanted to add in this message is our mission. I haven’t mentioned it yet because those who read it from the beginning to the end are able to understand it. It is very simple idea that everyone deserves a “5 stars” product which undoubtedly will help to accomplish client’s mission.